About Rachel

Myrtle Avenue Mural

My name is Rachel and I’ve been writing my entire life.

My first “publication” was when I was in the second grade and wrote a story about two mice becoming friends, and it ended up in the yearbook. By High School, I was “spitting rhymes” in our advanced poetry class, attending poetry slams, and winning contests. I won the creative writing award during my High School graduation and my poem was featured as a symbol of our generation in our senior yearbook.

I went to college to focus on art and code, and while I still wrote, I had a bit of a poetry hiatus for a few years. Luckily, I found myself again, and so I’ve got a lot of poetry and stories sitting around. I thought it was high time to put it some place. For now, that place is here.

For the sake of background, I grew up in Queens, hung out in Brooklyn, and now live in the Bronx. As a young Puerto Rican woman, I see a lot, and feel a lot. With all the emotional, cultural, and social influences that I’ve been exposed to growing up – I’ve always used writing to make sense of those things in my life.

Hope you’ll enjoy. Feel free to follow me on twitter!

All writing on this site is written by Rachel R. Vasquez and licensed under creative commons:

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