Prompt: Mystic

Prompt: Mystic
A selfish merchant loved his coin more than his selfless wife.
His mistake was made plain. A restless year after she died.

He climbed a thousand staircases to seek the old mystic.
“Please,” the merchant begged. “Take my gold coin! My silks! My diamonds!”

“I wish to see her at the expense of my luxuries.”
The seer’s cryptic question: “Your wife is all you wish to see?”

“Your holiness, please! I have a fortune! Just name your price!”
The merchant saw his wife again. Paid the Gods with his eyes.

Art by Ed Binkley

Prompt: Discombobulate

Prompt: Discombobulate
Oh! My days! What was that blasted phrase!
Oh, damnation! Dagnabbit incantation!
Must’ve spilled a little grog on my magic tomes’ pages.

Hell’s teeth! Curse my mispronounced sorcery.
The result? An enchanted travesty.

The hex, meant to plunder my rival of rest. Just a few days.
Instead, a discombobulated rabbit, he became.
A summons from the wizard’s guild. My punishment awaits.