Prompt: Rage

Prompt: Rage
She plants her boots until she’s rooted, and ready to engage.
The axe on her shoulder wielded by solid hands — a resolve to match.

A demon adversary with Goosander fangs enters the fray.
With mottled purple flesh, like Gloxinia Empresses, poised to attack.

A towering wolf. His fur, and the fog, are the same graphite gray.
Two legged, and familiar — body knotted like a lumberjack’s.

The wolf seeks her eyes where unspoken words are exchanged.
When the demon shrieks with violent rage, her wolf bellows back.

A third part of the earlier prompts, memory, and sublime.

Prompt: Sublime

Prompt: Sublime
Her village, nothing more than scorched wood on a map. 
A cursed land. Mother says she owes her life to the wolves. 
At eighteen, sturdy, and ripe, she chops lumber, and lifts her axe 
with limber ease. The wind scratching her cheeks, so sublime, 
she fails to heed eventide until she hears them. Demons.
Prowling beyond the brushwood, growling with hunger.
A mixture of fear and purpose to mow them down until a familiar howl. 
The moon is whole, and his eyes, glow umber.

A continuation, but a separate poem, from the memory prompt. Trying to stick with nature/wood/mineral themes.

Prompt: Memory

Prompt: Memory
Her earliest memory. Burning lumber, and strangled screams.
He feels as solid as hickory. The heady smell of soil, 
and the comfort of matted emery fur under her belly
as she hangs bonelessly — draped over him like a mantle.

Running. Running. Running. Two umber eyes 
are the last kindness she sees. Her adopted mother
would find the sole survivor of a demon raid
covered in wolf fur, hidden away, inside of a hollowed tree.


A/N: I have a bunch of other poems already completed too, but I'll upload a few at a time.

Prompt: Alacrity

Prompt: Alacrity
Darling! Darling! Tap tap tap!
Her casement window rapped. On the other side —
	in the blackest of nights — a rakish, ruby-eyed chap.
The demon king extends his hand to his lover behind the glass.

I’ve come to whisk you away. Together, we shall lord over my domain.
I promise vitality. I promise eternity. And of course —
	my ever lasting love. If only you take my hand.
And with joyous alacrity, she accepted, and was never seen again.

You can find this poem, and the rest for this contest on WattPad:

Update on July, 19th, 2022: I just found out that this poem won for the prompt “Alacrity” on WattPad’s Versification Contest. Yay!