Never Yield

I won’t cry
and I won’t kneel
I won’t die
and I won’t yield
Even when I hurt
I will heal

Can’t tear me down, won’t wear me down,
I’ll hold fast through the storm
For I am strong and
The dark never lasts too long

No matter the war, no matter the battle,
When life gets hard, I’ll rattle
these chains
Till my wrists bleed
No matter how black, no matter the fog,
The rain
won’t make me weep

Can’t wreck my spirit
Can’t make me wilt
Can’t make me succumb
Can’t break my will

Even when I’m lost
I won’t shatter
Even when the winds blow
I won’t be tattered

God only knows how blind I feel some days
But I’ll keep fightin’ them tides, crushing them waves,
I’ll square these shoulders, harden my faith,

Because I’m 100 pounds
of reinforced heart and soul
Won’t snuff out my spark
Won’t make me fold

Even when I’m tired
And my limbs ache
I’ll stoke my fire
and challenge my fate

I won’t bawl
during my ordeals
I’ll stand tall
and I’ll never yield


– Rachel R. Vasquez, 1/24/2015

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