Prompt: Hollow

Prompt: Hollow

Her heathered hands gleam in the sun as
she hollows a hill with ease.
This hallowed being who speaks in harps,
her hair, the glimmering seas.

Her aura, heavy, as a hammer.
Like a feather, she hovers high.

Our holy Goddess hums her healing, 
as sweet as a lullaby.

Art by Yuchi

I had a hard time with this prompt. This was the last of 30 prompts. The deadline was May 7th for the Versification contest. Still waiting for the winners to be announced. I haven’t written this much poetry in years. I think focusing on a theme, and keeping them short helped get the gears turning. I had fun. 🙂

Prompt: Ephemeral

Prompt: Ephemeral
Life, ephemeral. Grief, perpetual.
How deep her knees burrow
into soil. A thumb of tallow,
a gasping candle, swallowed by gusts
of ramming winds. From the gravel,
handless arms rise, and tremble.
Endless sorrow, its cries guttural.
Those left after death face pain, insurmountable.

Art by FallanDark

Prompt: Clandestine

Prompt: Clandestine

To the royal gardens, the Empress of the East retreats.
Heart torn by the Emperor, and his mistress. The Empress,
hair claret as rubies, waters her scarlet roses with her sorrow.

A clandestine letter from the unmarried King of the West.
Tied with carmine ribbon — a proposal.

Lovers from rival realms. On horseback, the Empress rides West with its King.
The red roses of the west are rumored to never be as radiant as the East’s.
The Western Queen’s vermillion smile, however, there is no comparable beauty.

Prompt: Angst

Prompt: Angst
With sharp jagged teeth, this angst gnaws.
My heart squeezed by the devil’s claws.
Dread carves in me like a pitsaw.
Fetor of bodies. Fresh, and raw.

No adventurer should wander these caves.
For treasure, I ignored human remains.
In darkness, I maunder. To Gods, I pray.
My life squandered. It is death I now face.

Art from:

Prompt: Escape

Prompt: Escape
An enemy country kidnapped a princess, already betrothed.
Locked her in the castle’s tallest tower, fortified with stone.
The uncaring prince did not agonize over her lover back home.

What he didn’t know, was the princess was a mage.
What he didn’t know, was she had means of escape.
What he didn’t know, was a dragon was her fiancé.

Her fiancé’s roar shook enemy lands like an earthquake. The princess grinned.
And with the twist of her fingers — she set the castle ablaze.

Art by Asur-Misoa

Prompt: Silence

Prompt: Silence
A lonesome, crying orphan, no more than four.
The broken silence of the forest. The aftermath of war.

Antlers like thick branches. A regal shadow floats.
Above the green, it asks, “My dear, are you alone?”

“D-deer?” The toddler hiccups, enamored by glowing fireflies.
The child starved of warmth, an immeasurable amount of time.

The forest’s guardian lifts her up, and up, and up. Into its loving grasp.
“You are mine now,” it promises, and beyond the veil, they vanish.

I’m not sure if I like this one. I feel like I can get it to “sound” better, but I have a lot of prompts to catch up to for the contest. If I have time, I’ll return to it. 🙂

Art by:

Prompt: Mystic

Prompt: Mystic
A selfish merchant loved his coin more than his selfless wife.
His mistake was made plain. A restless year after she died.

He climbed a thousand staircases to seek the old mystic.
“Please,” the merchant begged. “Take my gold coin! My silks! My diamonds!”

“I wish to see her at the expense of my luxuries.”
The seer’s cryptic question: “Your wife is all you wish to see?”

“Your holiness, please! I have a fortune! Just name your price!”
The merchant saw his wife again. Paid the Gods with his eyes.

Art by Ed Binkley

Prompt: Discombobulate

Prompt: Discombobulate
Oh! My days! What was that blasted phrase!
Oh, damnation! Dagnabbit incantation!
Must’ve spilled a little grog on my magic tomes’ pages.

Hell’s teeth! Curse my mispronounced sorcery.
The result? An enchanted travesty.

The hex, meant to plunder my rival of rest. Just a few days.
Instead, a discombobulated rabbit, he became.
A summons from the wizard’s guild. My punishment awaits.

Prompt: Dream

Prompt: Dream
A freshly baked blueberry pie rested on his doorstep.
What floundering tippler misplaced this pastry at first light?

He jested, perhaps it was left with intention — sans-poison.
Crafted with affection? Hah! Nothing, but a dream, he gleaned.
No lady could ever love a beast as frightening as he.

A feminine squeak. She unceremoniously toppled out from his shrubs.
He froze at the sight until — he felt a note tucked beneath the confection? 
Her cheeks flushed, she looked up at him, eyes brimming with endearment.

Art By Abigail Larson

Prompt: Rage

Prompt: Rage
She plants her boots until she’s rooted, and ready to engage.
The axe on her shoulder wielded by solid hands — a resolve to match.

A demon adversary with Goosander fangs enters the fray.
With mottled purple flesh, like Gloxinia Empresses, poised to attack.

A towering wolf. His fur, and the fog, are the same graphite gray.
Two legged, and familiar — body knotted like a lumberjack’s.

The wolf seeks her eyes where unspoken words are exchanged.
When the demon shrieks with violent rage, her wolf bellows back.

A third part of the earlier prompts, memory, and sublime.