Prompt: Discombobulate

Prompt: Discombobulate
Oh! My days! What was that blasted phrase!
Oh, damnation! Dagnabbit incantation!
Must’ve spilled a little grog on my magic tomes’ pages.

Hell’s teeth! Curse my mispronounced sorcery.
The result? An enchanted travesty.

The hex, meant to plunder my rival of rest. Just a few days.
Instead, a discombobulated rabbit, he became.
A summons from the wizard’s guild. My punishment awaits.

Prompt: Eloquence

Prompt: Eloquence

Between sanity and grief, a fine line.

We had burned the warlock’s lover alive.

His incantations ruled the elements —

with words so ancient, smooth, and venomous —

he summoned winds with fiery eloquence.

Destruction is our fated punishment.

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Prompt: Carcass

Prompt: Carcass
A witch's carcass, crimson orchids seethe.
A rotten hamlet, hidden majicks bleed.
To hearken natives is your bounden need.
A piton's target, the reckless receive.

I’m playing with iambic pentameter. Not sure if I did it right. I haven’t written a new poem in a long time, and was actually starting to wonder if I can still call myself a poet. When I discovered this contest, I thought it’d be a good way to get back into it. Cross your fingers for me.

An entry to WattPad’s poetry contest titled “Verification.” The only rules are to write based on their daily prompts, and poems can only be 4-8 lines long.

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