Prompt: Escape

Prompt: Escape
An enemy country kidnapped a princess, already betrothed.
Locked her in the castle’s tallest tower, fortified with stone.
The uncaring prince did not agonize over her lover back home.

What he didn’t know, was the princess was a mage.
What he didn’t know, was she had means of escape.
What he didn’t know, was a dragon was her fiancé.

Her fiancé’s roar shook enemy lands like an earthquake. The princess grinned.
And with the twist of her fingers — she set the castle ablaze.

Art by Asur-Misoa

Prompt: Ancient

Prompt: Ancient
My lover is three centuries ancient.
A dragon with a penchant for savants.
Smooth carborundum scales calefacient.
Shallow beauty or station — he cares not.

Brick chested in mortal transformation.
A tail of smooth ebony hair, tied taught.
A true gentleman — devout, and patient.
My dragon is a handsome juggernaut.

Dragon art by Kekai Kitaki @