Prompt: Courage

Prompt: Courage

A mountain village. Stripped down to the bone.
A burning tonnage. Deaths of famine sown.

Winter’s bitter bite. Bears teeth as tombstones.
A young witch’s intoned prayers. Spells unhoned.

Such ill placed resentment, does sorrow smite.
A witch slayer fetched. Her head for a price.

Her eyes clear. Like the marbled midnight skies.
Bereft of courage, was the hunter’s knife.

Art by ArtofReza

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Prompt: Luminance

Prompt: Luminance
A femme fatale. Her hips sway, pendulous.
Her weapon glows. With golden luminance.
This princess is no damsel.
No fiend her gun can’t handle.
All her bounties complete. With elegance.

Art by SBraithwaite

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Prompt: Silence

Prompt: Silence
A lonesome, crying orphan, no more than four.
The broken silence of the forest. The aftermath of war.

Antlers like thick branches. A regal shadow floats.
Above the green, it asks, “My dear, are you alone?”

“D-deer?” The toddler hiccups, enamored by glowing fireflies.
The child starved of warmth, an immeasurable amount of time.

The forest’s guardian lifts her up, and up, and up. Into its loving grasp.
“You are mine now,” it promises, and beyond the veil, they vanish.

I’m not sure if I like this one. I feel like I can get it to “sound” better, but I have a lot of prompts to catch up to for the contest. If I have time, I’ll return to it. 🙂

Art by:

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Prompt: Lost

Prompt: Lost
A forest that only the lost can find.
An enchanted woodland, warm and alive.
Its comfort — a mother’s womb.
Nature heals all lost souls’ wounds.
A place where only the broken can thrive.

Courtmacsherry woods, Cork, Ireland by Keith Kingston

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Prompt: Mystic

Prompt: Mystic
A selfish merchant loved his coin more than his selfless wife.
His mistake was made plain. A restless year after she died.

He climbed a thousand staircases to seek the old mystic.
“Please,” the merchant begged. “Take my gold coin! My silks! My diamonds!”

“I wish to see her at the expense of my luxuries.”
The seer’s cryptic question: “Your wife is all you wish to see?”

“Your holiness, please! I have a fortune! Just name your price!”
The merchant saw his wife again. Paid the Gods with his eyes.

Art by Ed Binkley

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Prompt: Discombobulate

Prompt: Discombobulate
Oh! My days! What was that blasted phrase!
Oh, damnation! Dagnabbit incantation!
Must’ve spilled a little grog on my magic tomes’ pages.

Hell’s teeth! Curse my mispronounced sorcery.
The result? An enchanted travesty.

The hex, meant to plunder my rival of rest. Just a few days.
Instead, a discombobulated rabbit, he became.
A summons from the wizard’s guild. My punishment awaits.

Prompt: Dream

Prompt: Dream
A freshly baked blueberry pie rested on his doorstep.
What floundering tippler misplaced this pastry at first light?

He jested, perhaps it was left with intention — sans-poison.
Crafted with affection? Hah! Nothing, but a dream, he gleaned.
No lady could ever love a beast as frightening as he.

A feminine squeak. She unceremoniously toppled out from his shrubs.
He froze at the sight until — he felt a note tucked beneath the confection? 
Her cheeks flushed, she looked up at him, eyes brimming with endearment.

Art By Abigail Larson

Prompt: Euphoria

Prompt: Euphoria
The seas’ susurrous seductions summon
ashmen, where the seas and skies are seamless.
With silver pendants, they sail Galleons
seeking conquest beyond the shallow shores.
Days of starvation. A pretty maiden.
An oasis, to heedless seafarers.
She charms the masts towards sharp crags. Death is —
like icy spikes, then euphoric slumber.

Art belongs to Tsabo6 at DeviantArt.